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Alex Vaughn Miller is an engaging actor and educator who has spent over a decade using his voice to make stories come to life. He has performed in shows like The 39 Steps and Completely Hollywood Abridged, which required him to use dozens of accents imitating famous actors in rapid succession. He studied acting at Liberty University where he was the first actor cast in the school’s ongoing radio drama program. He has performed in musicals, led educational workshops for young actors, and played principal roles in network television shows like Homeland, Mercy Street, and Turn: Washington’s Spies. He even learned ventriloquism in order to voice two characters at the same time in The Taming of the Shrew. Alex is currently based in Atlanta, GA where he works as an actor, audiobook narrator, and the host of a YouTube channel where he teaches the language of Esperanto to people around the world.If you want to unlock the full potential of your vocal storytelling abilities, Alex is just the guy to help you do it.