Online And Live Lessons

No matter how you found us, no matter where you are in the world or what time zone you live in, you can STILL have lessons! We love coaching students online all around the globe in every art area we offer at TSS. You don’t have to live in Georgia or even in the US to get the best training money can buy. Just hop online and we will come to you on your computer screen! We like to use Zoom which is a free and very easy platform to receive lessons on. Even many students who live close enough to drive to us opt in for online lessons because the quality of the lessons are the same and the convenience factor just can’t be beat. Our coaches are of course also available to conduct live lessons at our brick and mortar location in Smyrna, GA and we would love to see you there as well!

Voice Lessons

Students work closely with their coach to determine vocal range, ability and style and are given the option to explore all genres of music. Vocal students will not only learn how to sing the song with proper technique and dynamic interest, they will also learn how to entertain an audience and perform the song. This is accomplished by coaching the student on how to act the song, creating blocking, using facial expressions, advising the appropriate wardrobe for the piece, microphone technique and full body involvement. At TSS, our fundamental foundation for coaching our students is based on Speech Level Singing. After discovering the singer’s goals, range and style, we then execute specific exercises and recommend repertoire that is appropriate for that individual student based on what he or she is seeking to accomplish. In taking more of a “tailor-made” approach, we find that students progress at a much more accelerated rate since they are not subjected to a “one size fits all” approach.

Private Acting Classes

We offer private acting lessons, industry consultation and on-set coaching, to beginners, professionals, children and adults. Our one-on-one coaching sessions are great if you are just starting out, preparing for an audition, or just want to fine-tune your skills. Classes are one-on-one and give you an intimate opportunity to work with and learn from a working professional in the entertainment industry. Our goal is to give you the personal attention, acting techniques and career guidance you need to reach your full potential as an actor. Students learn Monologue Preparation, Acting for Film, Cold Reading and Auditioning Skills, Improvisation Techniques and Timing, Rhythm, and Control.

Piano Lessons

Students will learn sight-reading, ear training, form and analysis, dynamics, scales, theory, piano vocabulary and much more. Our coaches are well versed in all methods of curriculum including: Bastien, Alfred, Faber, and Suzuki. We feel that it is of the utmost importance that students take part in choosing their performance pieces and we are happy to accommodate whatever that musical genre may be. Students are much more likely to be more diligent in practicing if they feel a sense of ownership over their song choice.

Artist Development

This art area is specifically beneficial for vocal, piano and composition students. Artist Development is the process an artist goes through as they are being prepared for a professional career in the music industry. It involves everything from the big picture to the littlest details of presenting yourself and your musical artistry to the marketplace. This means professional consultation on everything from voice, songwriting, image, production, live performance, and branding.

Guitar Lessons

We offer high quality acoustic guitar instruction for all ages and levels, emphasizing the most cutting edge techniques for an assortment of musical genres. Because we believe that no two musicians are the same, we apply a custom tailored approach to best fit the specific goals and needs of each individual. Students will become well versed in all chord progressions, strumming patterns, guitar terminology, tablature and chord charts. Through applied techniques, students will attain the skills necessary to accompany themselves and other artists, and even compose their own music!

Audition Preparation

Whether you are auditioning for an arts school, musical, play, commercial, TV, film or talent agency, you will be confident and well prepared from this course. So far, 100% of students that have taken Audition Preparation have gotten what they auditioned for! Students will learn industry terms that are needed to communicate effectively, as well as learn how to enter and exit a room, slate, and will be advised of the appropriate hair/makeup and attire. You will be prepared for your audition from the top of your head to the soles of your feet!