Classes, Courses, and Lessons

At Tara Simon Studios, we offer online classes and private voice lessons personalized for your skills and specific needs. Our piano, guitar, and celebrity vocal coach instructors help you to master every step along the way so you can improve your vocal range and become the artist you’ve always dreamed you’d become.

Live Lessons and Online Classes

No matter how you’ve found us or where in the world you are, you now have access to elite coaches in vocal, piano, guitar and artist development. At Tara Simon Studios, we love coaching students online all around the globe in every area of art. You don’t have to come to our professional studio in Atlanta – and you don’t even need to live in the United States! You can get the best training, playing, and singing tips when you welcome our voice coach professionals into your home through your computer screen.

We work with free and easy tools for students to access and receive online voice lessons. Even many students who live close enough to drive to our professional recording studio opt for virtual singing lessons because of the convenience factor paired with the high-quality lessons we provide. Our guitar, piano, and vocal coaches are also available to conduct live lessons at our brick and mortar studio near Atlanta, Georgia – and as much as we’d love to see you online, we’d love to see you there as well!

At Tara Simon Studios, we offer the following courses online and in-person:

• Voice Lessons
• Piano Lessons
• Guitar Lessons
• Songwriting Lessons
• Acting Lessons
• Artist Development
• Audition Preparation
• 8-Week Vocal Course
• Full-Service Recording Studio on Site

Our fundamental foundation for coaching students is based on Tara’s proprietary methodology called “Sing Smarter Not Harder”. After discovering the singer’s goals, range, style, and more, we execute specific vocal exercises and recommend the appropriate repertoire for each individual student based on what they wish to accomplish throughout their vocal classes. This is an individualized, tailor-made approach that helps students progress at a much more accelerated rate and in-turn become much more competitive. With voice lessons, there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all approach.

Guitar Lessons

We offer the best guitar instruction available for all ages and levels. At Tara Simon Studios, we emphasize the most cutting-edge techniques for an assortment of musical genres. Our custom-tailored approach to instruction is the key to fitting specific goals and needs for each individual student.

Our guitar lessons will help students become proficient in:

• Reading Chord Charts
• Chord progressions
• Strumming patterns
• Guitar terminology
• Music Theory
• Tablature

Through applied techniques in our in-person and online guitar lessons, students will attain the necessary skills to accompany themselves and other artists, as well as even compose their own unique music.

Private Acting Classes

We offer private acting lessons and classes, industry consultation, and on-set coaching to beginners, professionals, children, and adults. Our one-on-one acting lessons are perfect for those who are just starting out, preparing for an audition, or even if you simply want to fine-tune your skills. We give you the opportunity to learn from a working professional in the entertainment industry to brush up on your acting skills. We provide acting students with personal attention, acting techniques, and career guidance they need to reach their full potential as a professional actor.

With private acting classes at TSS, students will learn:

• Monologue preparation
• Acting for film
• Cold reading
• Auditioning preparation
• Improvisation techniques
• Timing
• Rhythm
• Control

Artist Development

Specifically for vocal, piano, and composition students, our artist development classes help prepare you for a professional career in the music industry. Artist development involves everything from the big picture to the smallest details of presenting yourself and your musical artistry to the marketplace.

Artist development includes, but is not limited to, professional consultation in:

• Voice
• Songwriting
• Image
• Production
• Performance
• Branding
• Studio Recording
• Music Licensing

Audition Preparation

To date, 100% of the students who have taken our audition preparation class at Tara Simon Studios get what they audition for. Students learn industry terms that are needed to communicate effectively, are helped to strategically choose and perfect their audition piece, properly slate, and learn the art of entering and exiting a room.

Audition preparation class at TSS will help those auditioning for:

• Talent Shows/Competitions
• Arts school
• College
• Scholarships/Grants
• Musicals
• Plays
• Commercials
• Television
• Film
• Talent agency

Students will be completely confident and well prepared after this training. You will also be advised on the appropriate hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Tara Simon Studios will help you prepare for your audition from the top of your head to the soles of your feet. Contact us today!