Flute Lessons for Children & Adults | Atlanta

Taking private flute lessons has its advantages over taking lessons in a class setting. It’s easy to get left behind in a class with other students.

With one-on-one flute lessons, your teacher gets to know you on a more personal level and can help you directly with your practice of things like finger position, tone control and overtones.

Tara Simon Studios coach & professional Flutist Alfredo Fernandez regularly implements technical and tone exercises (as well as etudes) that are carefully chosen to help with what the student needs at that time and to perfect whatever repertoire they are working on at the moment.

Alfredo will develop your ear by engaging your critical listening skills each time you play through a song. The process begins by engaging your body by providing specific exercises to do to assist in making the best sound possible. No matter your other goals for flute lessons, our objective is to enable you to sing your soul through the medium of fingers flying over the keys.

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