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Nikita is a singer & songwriter originally from Michigan but has been a Georgian Peach for over 7 years. Her journey and love for music began at age 4 and through the years, she has won titles as “Best Singer” and “Ms. WSU Idol” at Wayne State University. She has worked with vocal trainers connected to Trey Songz, Drake, and Keri Hilson, and recorded her first EP in 2010 and have dropped several hit singles. Her biggest accomplishment has been authoring an original children’s book titled, “For the Love of Pink” which contains her original song “Strong Heart”.

Through the years Nikita has perfected her songwriting skills and excels at teaching the process in a way that makes people love the journey of creating a song more than merely trying to write the next hit. Today, Nikita stays busy writing songs for films, developing her proprietary animated movie, writing all corresponding original songs, and filming educational music videos for children on youtube. Nikita has an extensive background in homeschooling/ tutoring/ and teaching and her passion shows in the advancement of each student under her tutelage. She believes that every person with a love for music and a desire to persevere past their comfort level, can achieve anything. These endless possibilities and personal standards, drive and inspire her to take each student to the next level.