Experience Tara Simon Studio’s in-house recording studio Sound Lounge.



Whether you are a voice-over artist in need of a reel or are just learning about voice over work and want to gain experience and training in a professional vocal booth, we can help. Let us show you how to hone your craft and create a final product that will get you working.

Cover Songs

Record your favorite cover song at Sound Lounge and leave with an awesome product you will be proud to share. This is perfect if you are a newbie to the vocal booth and want to get your feet wet. It’s the perfect way to get a finished product of a song you have been working hard on with your coach in voice lessons!

Original Music

Do you have the next big hit on your hands? Let us help you bring it to life! We pride ourselves in the quality and originality of our work and can breathe life into your song from the ground up. Not sure if your song has what it takes? Book a songwriting session with one of our industry pros and get piece of mind and confidence before creating your masterpiece.