Picture of Rodrigo Suarez
Rodrigo Suarez is a guitarist in the Metro Atlanta area with many years of experience including live performances in Rock, Pop, Metal, Jazz, R&B etc. He is also a current Kennesaw State University alumni on track for a Jazz Performance Degree and Entrepreneurship Minor. His goal is to use the skills and knowledge he gathered in order to help hammer through the glass ceiling in his student’s techniques and habits, and by keeping things fun and exciting he hopes to inspire and push their highest ambitions.
It is Rodrigo’s believe that, “Music has been part of the human element from the birth of our elevated consciousness. As we evolve as a culture, society, etc. so does the intricacy and artistry of our music. Music can tell so much about our culture philosophies and way of life and this is why we must continue to push, enjoy, and learn.” With this in mind its is his humble wish to be an important element for your experience of musical growth.