Too Much Talking In Your Singing Lessons?

Tara Simon Studios is Atlanta’s highest rated performing arts studio. Our coaches are professional working artist nationwide. We know your time is valuable so we use every second of it WORKING to perfect your craft instead of discussing the craft.

Students work closely with their coach to determine vocal range, ability, style and are given the option to explore all genres of music. Vocal students not only learn how to sing a song with proper technique and dynamic interest, they will also learn how to entertain an audience and perform the song. This is accomplished by coaching the student on how to act the song, creating blocking, using facial expressions, appropriate wardrobe choices, microphone technique and full body involvement. You will learn to be the navigator of your own instrument, learning how to make strong choices and commit to them, as well as anticipate the next vocal move. Call today and book a private tour of our studio and meet our coaches. It’s time to stop talking about your dreams and goals and start training to reach your full artistic potential!

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